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100% Green Electricity –Zero Carbon Footprint

When you hear the words Solar Energy, you may think of the sun providing energy to your home. However, Solar Power offers more benefits than keeping your energy bill low—it also helps to preserve our environment by being a renewable resource, by not polluting the environment, and by reducing C02 emissions by 800 kgs per year.

XeoSolar’s 10kW Solar PV System—Your Green Advantage

When you choose a Solar PV System from XeoSolar you can expect a state of the art system that uses nothing but the highest quality solar panels, components and reliable Micro-inverters. Depending upon location, a typical 10kw system can generate about 12,000 kWh of green energy every year. .

Installed on the roof or ground, these sleek home solar panels show no wires or racks so the beauty of your home is always maintained. And, because they’re able to tolerate some shading, XeoSolar residential solar panels can generate 5-25% more power than DC panels as each panel operates to its maximum power potential.

The Strong, Silent Type

There are so many benefits to installing a XeoSolar Solar PV Module that to list them all would take up numerous pages. However, what we can tell you is that the Solar PV Modules are guaranteed for 25 years with a life expectancy of 40 or more years. They also increase the resale value of your property, require little maintenance, and are completely quiet.

Ontario’s MicroFIT (Feed-in Tariff) Program

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) created the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program to ensure an increase of green energy production and to also create green jobs for the province.

How the Micro FIT Program Works

The Micro FIT Program was created so all homes and small businesses could save money and energy when they install a Solar PV System of up to 10kW capacity. The program then specifies the rate ($/kWh) in which OPA purchases the generated power from renewable sources, including solar, wind, hydropower and bio-energy. If installed on residential rooftop, solar generated power is sold, through a separate meter, at 39.6 cent per kWh for 20 years.

Depending upon your location, you may be purchasing power for as a little as 6 cents per kWh for your everyday consumption. Once your 20 year MicroFIT contract is completed, you receive free solar power energy for the remaining life of the system—at least 40 years or more. And, if you sell your home prior to the completion of the contract, the FIT contract and bank loan are transferable to the new owners.


Keeping the Environment, and Your Wallet, Green

The total cost for the 10kW System is only $33,500 During the 20 year contract, OPA will pay you approximately $100,000. XeoSolar can also arrange financing for ten years with a low interest rate and no payments for one year, on approved credit.

However, the current rates in MicroFIT Program will not last long, so act immediately. Contact us at 416-500-9404 or fill out the request form for free evaluation.

From start to finish, XeoSolar is right beside you, overseeing the entire solar project. From forms and permits to installation and maintenance, you can expect your XeoSolar experience to be worry-free.


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