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Solar Farm In Winter

A farming opportunity with no labor, low overheads and maintenance.

Are you looking for solar energy farming on a massive scale? Are you sitting on a huge parcel of land and a cash pile making no money? Would you like to earn over 12% stable return on investment, guaranteed for 20 years by government? Unlike agricultural farm, a solar farm is not labor intensive and requires almost no maintenance and overhead. Typical projects can be anywhere from 1 MW to 20MW and require upwards of 7 acres of land per mega watt.

XeoSolar offers a selection of consultancy and turnkey services for solar farms in Canada, USA and India. This includes application / bidding processes, financing, design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, monitoring, operation and maintenance.

All our associates have proven track record to manage any aspect of solar farms. Our team of selected professionals and partners offer world-class service and deliver consistence performance. To reduce costs and get top notch performance, our associates are continuously researching of ways to maximize positive results. We strive to deliver all projects on-budget and on-schedule.

Every project site is evaluated for impact on environment and cultural concerns. We process all documentation for connectivity, permits, electrical safety and other regulatory requirements.

If this resonates with you, contact us or fill up the free evaluation form. These projects are feasible only in states and provinces having solar feed in tariff programs.